Potrero War: More Lightroom Experiments

I have continued experimenting with the features in Lightroom 5.4. Besides the cropping tool, which is an incredible help in focusing a picture’s composition, the color and shadow correction is also wonderful! Especially since I like taking pictures in mixed light settings, it is helpful being able to correct the shadows independently of the brighter sections of the photo.

All of these photos come from a local Society for Creative Anachronism “war,” an event where hundreds of people get together for heavy combat in armour (which is where these photos come from). They also have many other non-combat events at wars-archery, throwing weapons, brewers, craftsmen, armorers, garb making-just to name a few. The event is the yearly Potrero War, and the photos are from the 2013 war.

Additionally, if anyone knows what units or fighters these are, please leave a comment below and I will make sure to add the information to the post.

Here they are:SCA Spear Fighter Battle Trio People in Armor Potrero War SCA Armored Fighter

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